Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365/29

I downloaded a trial version of Corel Paintshop Pro.  I'm having a lot of fun playing with my pictures, there are so many fun options.  I used "time machine" on this one to make it look older, I love the effect it has on the picture.
This is the original.
2011 Mommytography 365 Project
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Project 365/28

I have a deep and abiding dislike of the dentist.  It's not his fault that I needed teeth pulled, but it's just easier to blame him, he'll never know.  Right?  We have had hit and miss dental insurance, so Chris and I just really don't go; unless we have to.  I had to!  I had two teeth extracted this afternoon at 3pm, one on each side of the bottom and then went and waited tables an hour later.  It was really quite amusing to watch and listen to me, I had a mouth full of gauze and a head foggy with pain killers.  To say I got pity tips would be an understatement, people must have felt really sorry for me because I made great money tonight.
2011 Mommytography 365 Project

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Project 365/26-27

My daughters clown shoes or at least that's what I call them.  She loved them at first sight and had to have them.  They light up, not sure if I caught that very well.

I forced myself to get out and go to Taekwondo tonight, even though I'm still not feeling well.  God provided the most beautiful sunset on the drive, this photo-op made it all worth it.


2011 Mommytography 365 Project
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Neverending cold!

No, I don't mean the weather, I have been battling a sore throat and runny nose for the better part of 2 weeks.  Not fun!!  So this post is just going to be a catch up on my Mommytography.  I'll try to be more profound when my brain isn't mush from cold medicine.

The sheep were finally out in the field this weekend.  I just love how they look with the snow.

There are icicles everywhere, the snow is melting slow but sure, and the steady drip is creating these beautiful structures.                          

Had to work tonight, so I snapped this one of the fountain in the foyer.  I absolutely hate fountains, the steady, incessant noise drives me crazy.  I can't wait to turn this off at the end of the night.  Oh well, at least I'll never have a drippy faucet; I learned how to fix them out of self-defense.

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

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Saturday, January 22, 2011


 Still enjoying tons of snow around here.  It's stayed pretty cold, so I don't think the snow is going anywhere and we're expecting more on Sunday.  I love it, but it kind of hurts the pocket book.  I wait tables in my family's restaurant, when it's snowy people tend to stay home, no tables = no tips.  I go from making $150-$200 a shift to making around $100, we make it work but it certainly hurts.  Oh well, winter only lasts 3-4 months thank goodness. 

 Here's a few pictures that I snapped after our most recent snow storm.  This little guy seems to live in and around this tree in our back yard.  He is so beautiful and showy against the snow.
I just love this evergreen out back, the snow looks like frosting and against that blue sky it was beautiful.
Finally, Ry and Koty played for hours out in the snow.  They worked hard to make tunnels through the snow, the first couple collapsed, but they got this one to hold.  Great job, guys!

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

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Speekee Spanish-TOS Review

As a member of the Review Crew I received access to Speekee TV.  Similar to Muppets (which I absolutely loved)  Speekee is a character that helps you immerse your child into the Spanish language.(European Spanish)  The character introduces the Spanish language by speaking it and expecting your child to respond.  Speekee currently has 10 videos, where the character goes to various places and speaks appropriate Spanish words and phrases.  The park, cafe, beach and school are just some of the locations that Speekee visits during the 10 lessons currently available.
Speekee logo
From the website:
The system features ten fun and entertaining episodes. It gives your child a ‘total immersion’ Spanish learning experience, with no English spoken at all. This cutting-edge method is the ideal way to learn a language, and your child will start speaking Spanish simply by watching the films. Every episode is packed full of exciting new words, practical phrases and catchy songs – which your child will love repeating back to you.

Beginning with the most basic Spanish, the Speekee language learning system is highly structured yet flows naturally, so each new bit of Spanish is easy to grasp.

You can play a part in your child’s language learning success - even if you have absolutely no experience of languages or teaching. The activities and methods shown in this guide are based on sound principles that will support all aspects of your child’s learning development – not just learning a new language – and to make it easy for you, there are lots of ideas for how to incorporate them into your daily routine without making more demands on your time.
The program is available for $7.50/month with a free 2 week trial.  They also have DVD's available but they are in a format not commonly used in the US so be sure you can utilize before you buy.
So, what did we think?  The kids really enjoyed watching the videos, but I'm not exactly sure they got anything out of them.  My children don't like responding to videos, they never have, so I really never heard them speaking Spanish.  They wouldn't even respond back to me when I tried to engage them in Spanish.  But don't take our experience and decide against Speekee, my kids are definitely not the norm.  Head over here to see what my crewmates thought of Speekee.

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{I received access to Speekee TV free of charge for the purpose of review.  I received no other compensation and was not required to write a positive review.}

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Snow Week!

I know that I'm supposed to hate snow, my husband has to drive in it every day.  I just don't, I love it. I think snow is absolutely beautiful, beautiful!!! 

We started out the week with Hunter not having school for MLK day, then on Tuesday we had a quick glazing of ice that kept the buses from being able to run, Snow day 4.  He went to school today, but as we are currently getting upwards of 6-8 inches of snow; he won't have school tomorrow and I highly doubt he'll have school on Friday.  That will make a grand total of 6 snow days that we'll have to make up at the end of the school year, I say 'we' because everyone else is unable or unwilling to do their schoolwork when Hunter is home.  "It's a snow day, Mom!"  Oh well, I guess that's why we homeschool, to have the freedom to play when we want to.

We started out the day with a beautiful sunrise.
We went out shopping last night in preparation for the storm that was coming, Sissy wasn't feeling very well, so I let her leave the house in what she was wearing.  She makes quite a fashion statement doesn't she.

 Even though our complex shovels for us, I decided to take off the first 6 inches of snow. This is what happens when you get in the way of Mom shoveling, Mt. Snowmore; otherwise known as Koty and Rylan buried neck deep. (They are sitting down, the snow is not that deep.)

Finally, who could resist a cutie posing for a shot.  She still doesn't feel very good, could it be because she keeps going outside without her coat?
They are forecasting more snow tonight, tomorrow and probably Sunday.  Hunter's return to public school is not going quite as planned. LOL.
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2011 Mommytography 365 Project