Monday, March 30, 2009

Inspiring your slacker?

I am so frustrated with Hunter right now. Every day when we go over his math, it is the same. I'm not sure why I did it that way. Yes, I remember us going over that yesterday. Of course I read the lesson. I didn't ask for help because I was sure I understood it. My frustration level is over the moon. I just want him to try, read the lesson, and try. It seems to be asking too much. He knows how to do it, when we sit and do it together, we work directly to the right answer. He just can't or won't do it by himself. On the other hand, there is nothing he can't read and comprehend. I guess I might just be pushing too much. I want him to be good at everything we do, and that is unrealistic.

Koty, is of course, just the opposite. He quickly grasps every math concept and can remember it clearly from day to day. But reading and writing is just so overwhelming to him sometimes, maybe I don't give him as much grief because his difficulties aren't so concrete. Math problems are either right or wrong. Writing skills and reading skills aren't quite so quantifiable.

On a lighter note, the kids all worked on Get Well! cards for greatpa, they all gave it great effort and I'm sure he'll get a kick out of them. They all did a fishing theme, as this is one of their best memories with greatpa.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow with a Splash of Spring!

We had one of the coolest storms in memory. How often do you get your biggest snow storm of the year at the end of March. It was really pretty, I might of been the only one that enjoyed it, though. Oh, well! Who wants to be like everyone else anyway.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Hunter: Theme-Hands

This was taken when my fourth child, final child, and only girl was born. She already seemed graceful to us. She's actually a tyrant, so maybe it was just wishful thinking.

We went to the zoo yesterday in anticipation of a big winter storm that is supposed to hit us this weekend. The news is predicting 6"-12" of snow on saturday. Unbelievable, every snowstorm this year veered either N or S of us. We got two very small insignificant snows. Now that we're ready for Spring, here comes a real snowstorm. Ain't it the way. Anyway, the animal above was moving for what has to be the first time ever. I kid you not, the kids and I went to the zoo at least 25X last year and never saw this animal move. The kids were convinced it was animatronic, we about fell over when we saw it climbing around.

Can you tell how bored the King is!?!

The boys did their first lesson from Artistic Pursuits, they were supposed to just choose something in their immediate area and try to reproduce it in the simplest form. Hunter chose the emblem off his uniform.

Dakota chose a tree outside of his Taekwondo school, he took some artistic license and added a river to his drawing, I think he did excellent. Koty really struggles with his pencil grip and writing and drawing are super hard for him. He really tried hard and persevered on this drawing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photo Hunter:Theme-Yellow

A little late, but this is my first photo hunt . Took this one at the San Diego Zoo on our trip in January. I don't really know much about my camera yet, just got it before the trip.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The boys started a study on Arthur, Lord Tennyson today. They actually both really liked it. We read the introduction in the beginning of the books, then they each chose a poem and read it aloud.

Each of them then illustrated their poem of choice. Hunter did an especially good job, when I told Koty I was putting photos on the blog, he stated he would have done a better job if he'd known they would be displayed. Better try harder next time.

Monday, March 23, 2009


It is so easy to sit back and know that all is well in your world. Four healthy kids, secure jobs, happy marriage. Check! Perfect world!

Then you start randomly clicking on blogs, linking to other peoples reads, and your heart breaks. In addition, your heart opens. Opportunities abound to serve others, whether thru prayer, donations, a caring comment. I am recently at the point in my life where I am searching for my niche. I know God will use the willing, I am just waiting for his direction. International adoption has been where my heart is leading me, but I know, right now, we aren't financially eligible. But there are so many opportunities to help the families bringing home their children, not just financially, but thru prayer as well.

I want to be the person God can use, whoever that is. I just pray that He will refine me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast: we tend to do cold cereal, eggs, french toast, pancakes. We kind of let the Princess
decide as we go.
Lunch: Monday-eating out
Tuesday-Chicken ala King on toast
Wednesday-MB Grinders, fruit cup
Thursday-Ham&beans, cornbread
Friday-Grilled Chix breasts, chinese fried rice
Dinner: Monday-Grilled pork tenderloin, cheesy hashbrowns, stewed apples
Tuesday-Tacos, Spanish Rice
Wednesday-Sticky Ribs, mac-n-cheese
Thursday- Asian Orange Chix w/fried rice
Friday- Beef and noodles
Saturday-Spaghetti and Meatballs
Sunday-Cheesy Chilada Bake
Alot of these recipes come from a great cookbook called "Fix, Freeze, Feast." It is the first OAMC type cookbook , that I can really use regularly. We have loved every single recipe we've tried and there has not been one cream soup in the bunch.

Nature Journal entries.

Here are the boys first "Outdoor Hour Challenge" notebook entries. I think they both did a great job.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just needed encouragement.

My husband is capable of so many things when threatened with me buying my brand new, super-cool front loading washer and dryer. Within 15 hrs of this threat my dryer was fixed and I was back to work doing laundry. Ugh!!!

The boys new art lessons from Artistic Pursuits arrived today, I'm so excited to get them started on it. We haven't focused at all on Art in our 4 yrs of homeschooling, so I'm hoping this will work and really benefit our family. If I like this one, I'll probably go ahead and order the book geared toward the younger ages for Ry and Sissy.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Fox Hollow Trail

I have been drawn to the, Outdoor Hour Challenge, since I first found myself reading blogs. We are taking up the challenge. All four kids were more than ready to get back to our walks, to be able to call them school, even better. We have been geocachers for a couple of years now, so we will be combining our preferred outdoor activity with a school subject and killing to birds with one stone. Here are pictures from our first challenge. I'll take pictures from the boys notebooks when they finish their drawings. Bethany Falls limestone rocks, very common here in Missouri. A raccoon that was lying out in a patch of sunshine, totally oblivious to everyone on the paths. Signs of Spring, I just love the budding of trees and flowers this time of year.