Friday, April 22, 2011

Ry at the zoo!

During the trip to the zoo all of the kids were especially photogenic.  They were having such a great time and it showed on their faces.

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

We love our zoo!

 We had a cool but sunny day yesterday, so we spent it at the zoo.  Would you expect anything else out of my zoo loving kids!  The first photo is one of my absolute faves.  I had to make it black and white to take the reflections out as this momma was behind glass with her baby.  It was such a sweet moment, she just kept stroking and kissing on her baby, it really reminded me of momma's everywhere who just can't get enough of that soft skin and sweet baby smell.


 This little guy lives in the rhino exhibit or at least nearby.  We see him every time we go, since the rhino was off exhibit for awhile, while they build the sky lift, he was out and about.  Groundhog, maybe??

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

What a week!

Sorry it's been a couple of days.  I had to skip some days on my Mommytography, life got in the way.  I had a couple of medical tests this week of which I'm anxiously awaiting the results.  I did a stress echo cardiogram on Monday to see if there is any medical explanation for my chest pains, I'm starting to wonder if they are musculoskeletal and not actually my heart at all.  The other test was a needle biopsy on my thyroid, when I got my CT scan for chest pains they found a nodule on my thyroid and the doctor has ordered to tests on it, to rule out cancer???   So if you're a praying person I could really use lifting up while I wait to hear the results.  Thanks a bunch!


Took this one on the way to work, I love the lights on this bridge.  They have that sort of old fashioned look to them.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 365/104

I love Spring in KC.  Everywhere you drive the woods are laced with purple from the many Redbud trees and yellow from all of the Forsthyia.  It is such a beautiful time of year!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project 365/102-103

More catch up photos.  We spent the day at the zoo yesterday.  I love the first one, if you look closely you'll see that Mr. Heron is sharing his log with a ton of turtles.

These trees are all over the zoo.  Locust, maybe?  They always make me think of a crown of thorns.

These are growing out back at the restaurant.  If I have to, I'm not above taking my pics at work.

Project 365/99-101

This is gonna be a big photo post.  I fell behind this weekend because of work and I'm trying to catch up.  We've had some unbelievably beautiful weather around here, so when I'm not working we've been spending the time at the park and zoo.




Friday, April 8, 2011

Science Weekly-TOS Review

As a member of the TOS Homeschool review crew, I was recently asked to review an issue of Science Weekly.  Science weekly is bi-weekly 'magazine' that is geared for students from K-6, each issue can be used to supplement your childs' science learning.  From Level Pre-A (K) to Level E (6th) the individual levels cover the same topic with increasing depth and difficulty, making it possible to teach all of your students at their own level.

We received all of the levels and teacher's guide of Science weekly covering the topic "Composting".  Each of the levels included Vocabulary, Labs, Writing prompts and puzzles.  We really enjoyed these full colored studies and thought that they were very well done and informative.  The website is definitely worth a visit.  You can download a sample issue on Coral Reefs or you can play around with their online interactive issues on Pyramids, Kites, Dams, Hurricanes or Living in Space.  They also have some fun coloring books that you can download and print off.
Each subscription to Science Weekly is $19.95, this includes all 15 bi-weekly issues, which breaks down to only $1.33 per issue, to me that's pretty reasonable.  It can get costly if you have multiple children at different levels, because you don't get any discount till you hit 20 subscriptions and then it's a very sizable discount at only $4.95 per year.  Seems to me they should maybe rethink the pricing if they want to appeal to the homeschool crowd, we are notoriously cheap bargain shoppers.

The great thing about homeschoolers though, is that we are a very opinionated crowd.  Head over here to see what other homeschool families thought about Science Weekly!


{I received all Levels of a Science Weekly issue, free of charge.  I received no other compensation and was not required to write a positive review.}