Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up!

This is the "Why did I decide we didn't need Spring Break edition?????" Not a lot going on here on the school front. Everyone is essentially just plodding along. We're doing Tapestry of Grace for our literature, history, bible and fine arts; and while we've really enjoyed some of it, other parts are just a trial. Looking at continuing it next year though, simply because I do enjoy the richness of the curriculum. I just need to make it work for us and make sure the kids are leveled right.

Rylan and Sissy are doing Little Hearts for His Glory (Heart of Dakota), I love it. Wondering where this curriculum has been all my life. Simply can't say enough good about it. Rylan is working alot on his simple addition facts and phonics, doing a great job of it. Sissy is tagging along as a preschooler, but really keeping up just the same. Dakota says Sis has better handwriting than he does, which is rather sad as she is a left-handed preschooler and he is a 7th grader. Oh well, you can't win them all.

We have received an answer to prayer, CJ is starting his new job on Monday. It will be the first time in his working career that he won't be considered self-employed and will enjoy benefits like a regular fellow. Thank you, Lord! Unfortunately for me, he'll be paid totally different so i'll have to revamp how I pay the bills and reorganize my thought processes. Glad to do it, just have to make it work for us while at the same time work with by Financial Peace University budget.

Including a picture of the snow we received the first day of Spring, almost 10 inches. By Monday it was sunny and 60 degrees.

This was the sunset Monday night, like God was saying sorry about that snow; here's a beautiful day for you. We enjoyed it for certain.

Sorry our week was so boring, head on over to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how everyone elses week went.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up!

This is the "will we ever be healthy again" edition. Everyone has been passing around a stomach virus the last couple of weeks. It started right before my trip to Vegas and continued after we returned. Up until this week, it had skipped over me, while making the rounds twice through Chris and the kids. It has finally claimed it's last victim, me. I have been ill for the last couple days and kind of hibernating. The kids have been on their own a little this week.

Hunter is still pushing my buttons, but I think it's just an attempt to force me to be more involved in his day to day. I had been just giving him his schedule at the beginning of the week and assuming he would let me know if he needed help. Unfortunately, he is stubborn (have no idea where he gets that) and hates to ask for help. I am finding that making him bring me his work at the end of each day, helps him to identify problems and move on in the right direction.

Dakota is wrapping up his Zoology 3 and ready to move on to Biology. He works great independently, with minimal interference from me. Just a daily check-in to make sure he's on the right track.

Ry and Sissy had a great week with their curriculum. They are doing Little Hearts for His Glory from Heart of Dakota. I had thought to have them do Math U See instead of the Singapore math that the curriculum suggests. Bad plan. I really don't like MUS at this level, while I love it at the High School level. Live and learn, I guess.I have been spending a lot of time this week working on our plan for the summer and next year. I plan to go ahead and school through the summer, to lighten the daily load for the boys and maybe be able to get deeper into the great literature offered by the Tapestry of Grace curriculum that the older boys are doing.

We are bracing around here for our last (hopefully) snowstorm of the year. They are implying that we could get up to 8". Crazy!!!!! I don't really have any cool pictures of our week, kind of plodding along here, but I'm going to include a few from my Vegas trip just for the fun of it. By the way as non-smoking, non-drinking, non-gambling people my husband and I still had a great time. Maybe, it was just being together for the first time in fifteen years away from the kids. Crazy, but I still missed them. It is amazing to me how beautiful Vegas was, if you squinted your eyes and didn't make eye contact with any of the barely legal drunks stumbling down the road.

The Eiffel Tower in front of the Paris hotel.....Beautiful statuary and fountains in front of Caesar's Palace....

Blown glass umbrellas by Dale Chihuly in the foyer of the Bellagio. Stunning, truly stunning......

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where does the time go???

It was never my intention to be absent from my blog for so long, but life sometimes seems to get away from you. You race around and seem to get nothing done, it sometimes takes just sitting down and absorbing what all you've been doing. So I'm going to summarize!

We went to a tournament in St. Louis, a four hour drive from our home, we went and came back in the same day! Crazy, but fun! The kids did wonderful. Hunter and Dakota both placed in their divisions. Hunter got a second in sparring and weapons, a third in forms. Dakota got a second in sparring and a third in weapons. Ry and Sissy don't get judged they just show-off their mad skills.

Here's Hunter receiving one of his medals.....

Rylan, my gorgeous red-head sporting his medals....
Have you ever seen anything as cute as Sissy in sparring gear..........
We practiced our forms before we showed off.......
and most importantly we played with friends on a dirty floor in our white uniform.....
After we returned from tournament the kids all had their promotion. Koty just absolutely rocked out his promotion. He is definitely "black belt" material.....

We had a beautiful ice storm, that amazingly caused very little damage and almost no inconvenience. The best kind of storm ever and it was so pretty. We stayed really cold for awhile after the storm, so the trees were iced for several days.

And finally we have been working on our homeschool. Today Ry and Sissy talked about Joseph being taken into Egypt. They made Egyptian collars, Koty decided to get in on the art project as well; they all did a great job.

Well, that's it, sorry it's been so long; I'll try to do better.