Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up!

This is the "will we ever be healthy again" edition. Everyone has been passing around a stomach virus the last couple of weeks. It started right before my trip to Vegas and continued after we returned. Up until this week, it had skipped over me, while making the rounds twice through Chris and the kids. It has finally claimed it's last victim, me. I have been ill for the last couple days and kind of hibernating. The kids have been on their own a little this week.

Hunter is still pushing my buttons, but I think it's just an attempt to force me to be more involved in his day to day. I had been just giving him his schedule at the beginning of the week and assuming he would let me know if he needed help. Unfortunately, he is stubborn (have no idea where he gets that) and hates to ask for help. I am finding that making him bring me his work at the end of each day, helps him to identify problems and move on in the right direction.

Dakota is wrapping up his Zoology 3 and ready to move on to Biology. He works great independently, with minimal interference from me. Just a daily check-in to make sure he's on the right track.

Ry and Sissy had a great week with their curriculum. They are doing Little Hearts for His Glory from Heart of Dakota. I had thought to have them do Math U See instead of the Singapore math that the curriculum suggests. Bad plan. I really don't like MUS at this level, while I love it at the High School level. Live and learn, I guess.I have been spending a lot of time this week working on our plan for the summer and next year. I plan to go ahead and school through the summer, to lighten the daily load for the boys and maybe be able to get deeper into the great literature offered by the Tapestry of Grace curriculum that the older boys are doing.

We are bracing around here for our last (hopefully) snowstorm of the year. They are implying that we could get up to 8". Crazy!!!!! I don't really have any cool pictures of our week, kind of plodding along here, but I'm going to include a few from my Vegas trip just for the fun of it. By the way as non-smoking, non-drinking, non-gambling people my husband and I still had a great time. Maybe, it was just being together for the first time in fifteen years away from the kids. Crazy, but I still missed them. It is amazing to me how beautiful Vegas was, if you squinted your eyes and didn't make eye contact with any of the barely legal drunks stumbling down the road.

The Eiffel Tower in front of the Paris hotel.....Beautiful statuary and fountains in front of Caesar's Palace....

Blown glass umbrellas by Dale Chihuly in the foyer of the Bellagio. Stunning, truly stunning......


joelle said...

Looks like a great trip.! Enjoy the snow for us in Toronto whi love snow and did not get any to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you all have been so sick, pray everybody stays well for a while =) Thanks for taking the time to share!