Friday, March 27, 2009

We went to the zoo yesterday in anticipation of a big winter storm that is supposed to hit us this weekend. The news is predicting 6"-12" of snow on saturday. Unbelievable, every snowstorm this year veered either N or S of us. We got two very small insignificant snows. Now that we're ready for Spring, here comes a real snowstorm. Ain't it the way. Anyway, the animal above was moving for what has to be the first time ever. I kid you not, the kids and I went to the zoo at least 25X last year and never saw this animal move. The kids were convinced it was animatronic, we about fell over when we saw it climbing around.

Can you tell how bored the King is!?!

The boys did their first lesson from Artistic Pursuits, they were supposed to just choose something in their immediate area and try to reproduce it in the simplest form. Hunter chose the emblem off his uniform.

Dakota chose a tree outside of his Taekwondo school, he took some artistic license and added a river to his drawing, I think he did excellent. Koty really struggles with his pencil grip and writing and drawing are super hard for him. He really tried hard and persevered on this drawing.

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