Saturday, January 22, 2011


 Still enjoying tons of snow around here.  It's stayed pretty cold, so I don't think the snow is going anywhere and we're expecting more on Sunday.  I love it, but it kind of hurts the pocket book.  I wait tables in my family's restaurant, when it's snowy people tend to stay home, no tables = no tips.  I go from making $150-$200 a shift to making around $100, we make it work but it certainly hurts.  Oh well, winter only lasts 3-4 months thank goodness. 

 Here's a few pictures that I snapped after our most recent snow storm.  This little guy seems to live in and around this tree in our back yard.  He is so beautiful and showy against the snow.
I just love this evergreen out back, the snow looks like frosting and against that blue sky it was beautiful.
Finally, Ry and Koty played for hours out in the snow.  They worked hard to make tunnels through the snow, the first couple collapsed, but they got this one to hold.  Great job, guys!

2011 Mommytography 365 Project

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Mike said...

Me and my brother used to make tunnels in the snow...until the plow came and filled it back in! :P
Your scenic pictures look professional!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your tips... never thought about how the snow/weather effects that! Cool tunnel!

Tracy said...

Love the tunnel shot!

Vickie said...

We live in the NW and we got snow just before Thanksgiving, it stayed around for quite awhile. This year....I think the South and NE are getting our snow. We need some back....unless some businesses, our's thrives on the snow and ice. We have an auto body shop. We wish no one injuries but only to bring their cars to us when they have accidents.

I've awarded you the Stylish Blog Award. Head over to my blog to grab your award and to check out the rules.

Kara said...

precious kiddos, and I'm a new following from the mommytography 365 blog!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Fun shots! Love the cardinal! Great contrast.