Saturday, January 22, 2011

Speekee Spanish-TOS Review

As a member of the Review Crew I received access to Speekee TV.  Similar to Muppets (which I absolutely loved)  Speekee is a character that helps you immerse your child into the Spanish language.(European Spanish)  The character introduces the Spanish language by speaking it and expecting your child to respond.  Speekee currently has 10 videos, where the character goes to various places and speaks appropriate Spanish words and phrases.  The park, cafe, beach and school are just some of the locations that Speekee visits during the 10 lessons currently available.
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From the website:
The system features ten fun and entertaining episodes. It gives your child a ‘total immersion’ Spanish learning experience, with no English spoken at all. This cutting-edge method is the ideal way to learn a language, and your child will start speaking Spanish simply by watching the films. Every episode is packed full of exciting new words, practical phrases and catchy songs – which your child will love repeating back to you.

Beginning with the most basic Spanish, the Speekee language learning system is highly structured yet flows naturally, so each new bit of Spanish is easy to grasp.

You can play a part in your child’s language learning success - even if you have absolutely no experience of languages or teaching. The activities and methods shown in this guide are based on sound principles that will support all aspects of your child’s learning development – not just learning a new language – and to make it easy for you, there are lots of ideas for how to incorporate them into your daily routine without making more demands on your time.
The program is available for $7.50/month with a free 2 week trial.  They also have DVD's available but they are in a format not commonly used in the US so be sure you can utilize before you buy.
So, what did we think?  The kids really enjoyed watching the videos, but I'm not exactly sure they got anything out of them.  My children don't like responding to videos, they never have, so I really never heard them speaking Spanish.  They wouldn't even respond back to me when I tried to engage them in Spanish.  But don't take our experience and decide against Speekee, my kids are definitely not the norm.  Head over here to see what my crewmates thought of Speekee.

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{I received access to Speekee TV free of charge for the purpose of review.  I received no other compensation and was not required to write a positive review.}

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Jim said...

Hola Christi and family! I want to thank you persoanlly for your reviwe of Speekee TV. Perhaps your experience didn't live up to your expectations, but I am happy that the kids really enjoyed watching the videos and I hope they have learned more Spanish through them than they may be letting on (-; MUCHAS GRACIAS - Jim, the one in Speekee