Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up!

Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers; hosts a Weekly wrap-up, this will be the first time I've participated. It was an odd and sometimes difficult week. I guess, the first week is sometimes the hardest. We started new curriculum with the guys and of course this was the first week of school for Rylan, my kindergartner.

Hunter and Dakota both started Tapestry of Grace this year, we started a little slow but I think we'll all enjoy it. It is such an awesome curriculum, but a little overwhelming for the newbie. We had our conversations this evening about what they had done during the week. They were both ready and able to answer the questions and to discuss their readings, I was one proud mama.

Both boys also began Math-u-see Algebra, seems a bit easy and more review in these first couple of lessons than I expected. The boys had done Saxon previously, so maybe it was just a little more advanced, I'm not sure. If need be we'll just double-time and move on two Algebra II and Geometry.

Hunter began the Latin Road to English Grammar, I have to say while I like it, he's not in love. I started going through the flashcards with him, the ones that have the Latin roots, and he was able to see why I chose to have him do this. He put together some of the roots with common, everyday words and was able to visualize the origins of English, it helped him to understand, if not love, Latin.

Rylan, was the hard one. I planned a week worth of math, reading, puzzles, games, etc. He did it all the first and second day, then started begging for more. I know this will change, but it was so exciting to work with a kid that couldn't get enough of learning. I have a busy weekend ahead of me trying to get alot more stuff ready for the kid, that's for sure.

We were able to spend one afternoon at the zoo, which was really fun because CJ(dad) was able to go with us. It was a gorgeous day and we got some great pictures.

All in all, I would say that the word for the week was "planning". The boys made their weekly plan themselves but forgot to put on everything, so they were scrambling to find everything and get going. I really want them to be responsible for planning their day/week, so that they own their education in a very personal way. I, as I've already admitted, did not sufficiently plan for Ry and Tan, I'll have to do better as well.
Finally, I just had to include this picture. Have y'all ever seen anything so adorable.


AF Wife99 said...

What a cutie! Looks like a fun family time. The first week of school seems to have some bumps for everyone. Glad you shared your week!

Christine said...

How fun. :)