Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can it be saved?

This was our last sight of our minivan as it was towed away this afternoon, hopefully; to be fixed. My in-laws gifted this van to us in January hoping it might last us a little while. Well, we've gotten 8+ months out of it and are hoping that the fix will be reasonable so that we can get a little more. The car already has 230,000 miles on it, wouldn't it be great if we could hit 300,000? LOL!Isn't AAA an awesome thing, the only downside, other than the car being broken was that my cell phone was not charged. Luckily, as I was standing there looking defeated a very kind gentleman pulled over and let me use his cell phone to call both AAA and my daddy. Dad was forced to come rescue us, because wouldn't you know, a tow truck is not built to ferry four kids around. We made it home safe and sound, we'll call the mechanic in the morning and beg for mercy. I know it's not "green" to drive a car like this one, but it sure doesn't make sense to fill a junkyard with a car that really just wants someone to love it!

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christy said...

I just now saw your comment on my TOG blog. I am really sorry. I guess I don't have that blog set up to email me when I get comments. I would be happy to email you that reading list. My email is hsplanners at gmail dot com