Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a week!!!!

We have had such a busy week. The boys have been in karate camp all week, so I have been running back and forth playing chauffeur and dealing with a Sissy that does not understand why her brothers are leaving her. Thursday night we left Karate and went up to Maxwell's which was hosting an Autism Awareness fundraiser, one of my cousins has a young son on the spectrum. Mom wanted me to take some photos for our restaurant website, these are some of the fun ones.Tanyn loved this particular clown, "A princess clown, Mom," she said. It was too cute. The gentleman clown's "brief case" was just too funny for words.

Friday was my baby sister's 33rd birthday, so we all got together after the restaurant's closed to celebrate. Basically, I sit back and watch everyone else drink. I don't particularly have anything against alcohol, I just don't care for the taste of any of it. So I had Diet Coke on the rocks and keep 'em coming. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!!!

We'll be celebrating Father's Day on Monday, everyone has to work, it's no fun trying to fit in a celebration so we always try to push it to another day. It works for us!!!

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