Monday, June 15, 2009

Promotion, FOTZ, Being Silly

The older boys had their promotion the other day. They were awesome, their grandparents were able to attend and were totally impressed with the boys obvious dedication. Ry and Sissy had to tie new belts for them so I could take the picture, Dad is still training and working late.

The boys were being goofy the other day, they were reading books to Sissy, Ry and Sophie(guinea pig#1). Sophie just had to get in on the action, a rare Guineasaurus Rex.

Last night was the FOTZ Annual Picnic (Friends of the Zoo). We've never gone before even though we've been friends for several years. We had such a great time, CJ got to go with us, which was great for him and the kids, as he almost never gets to go with us. The picnic was very fun, we got to ride every form of transportation that the zoo offers for free. We were able to do the trams, boat, paddle boats and train. We enjoyed several special keeper chats and some animal behavior that we don't usually see because it was so late in the evening. The boys reconnected with a friend from their public school days, we had lost touch about a year ago due to us changing from house phones to only cell phones. His family is a bit nomadic, so they're a little difficult to keep up with. Anywho, his mom brought him by this weekend to see if we still lived in the same place, it was great, the boys have been friends for about 6yrs now and hated having no contact with him. Kevin is the extra child you see in the picture of all the kids.

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