Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big IQ Kids- TOS Review


As a member of the TOS Review crew, I was provided with a 1 year premium membership to, not only was this very timely but extraordinarily generous in that they provided us with two memberships. is a program that has free components and premium components, we utilized both and truly found that we would be good with the free parts.  Unfortunately, if you go with free only; you get the advertisements.  It didn't really bother us, but if it bothers you the upgrade is pretty reasonable at only $9.99/month or $49.99/year (very awesome deal!); this is less than half per month if you pay for the whole year at once.

Rylan and Tanyn have very recently begun attending public school and to say that it was a huge difference for our family would be an understatement.  Rylan is really struggling with reading and spelling, he is behind where he is 'supposed' to be and we need every tool in our arsenal to help him. is a very useful program that allows you to input your child's spelling lists and utilize them in lessons, quizzes and tests, encouraging your child to do well by giving them 'game tokens' for correct lessons and quizzes.  The student can use these tokens to customize their buddy and play games, Ry loved it.  He needs that extra encouragement and BigIQKids provides it.

So much of this program is free of charge, I really encourage everyone to take a look at it; whether you're a homeschool parent or just a parent looking for a leg up for your child, BigIQKids has tools that can meet your child's needs.  Head over here to see what other crewmates thought about


(I received two Premium memberships to BigIQKids free of charge as a member of the TOS Review Crew. I received no other compensation and was not required to write a positive review)

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HillaryM said...

We also really enjoyed this one (especially nice since we also had a less than favorable experience with T4L). The program is just the confidence booster that my children need to.

You've written great reviews, sorry to see you go. Different seasons of life lead us to different opportunities.