Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 6 and 7

Brenda over Garden of Learning is hosting and attitude of gratitude month, I missed yesterday because I didn't get home from work until 1 am.  Today I am going to be grateful for two things that are interconnected.

Day 6: I am incredibly grateful for modern medicine.  October 13th I had an LAVH, laparoscopic hysterectomy, for those that don't know all of the abbreviations.  I basically had 3 holes punched through my stomach,  as opposed to an abdominal hysterectomy which requires a full incision, which is what my mom had 20 years ago.  I had very little pain, an incredibly easy recovery and just over 3 weeks later; I am back to work.  Yeah, I'm a little sore and tired, but that could just be from sitting around for the last 3 weeks.  There would be no way to claim such an uneventful and easy recovery if I had had a full abdominal hysterectomy.  Thank you God, for guiding the hands of my surgeon and for gifting him with the knowledge he required to help me live an easier, more productive life.

Day 7: I am exceedingly grateful for a doctor who would listen to me and grant me a hysterectomy.  I know when my mom was my age it took a lot longer to get anything done, my mom was miserable for many years before they granted hers.  Until you can't leave your home during that time of the month, for fear of embarrassing yourself, you just can't understand how debilitating it can be.  I was literally home bound for up to 3 days a month, unless I wanted to pack a change of clothes; like a 3 year old.  3 days can feel like forever when you have 4 kids.  Thank you God for Dr. Moulton, a gifted doctor and gentle spirit.

Head over here to see what others are grateful for this beautiful Sunday.

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Lisa said...

It is a blessing to live in this day of modern medicine. We are so lucky.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

A good doctor really is a wonder. Our family has to see so many specialists, and I've had to fire quite a few along the way! I had to have a TAH, and wow! Even though I'm a nurse, I had no idea it would wipe me out like that! I'm glad your Lap went well, and that you're beginning to feel better now.

SisterTipster said...

It's truly amazing how blessed we are in this generation~ thanks for sharing and GLAD you are doing so well! Have a blessed day! hugs!!

Jennifer said...

3 weeks and back to work! You must be doing very well. I'm thankful for your fast healing, too.