Sunday, November 7, 2010

Collectorz-TOS Review

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I received a computer product called Book Collector .

Book Collector, Music Collector, Game Collector, Comic Collector; and so many more are products available from  Basically, it is an online database that you create by inputting the ISBN, LOC(Library of Congress) or just the title in cases of books printed before the time of inventory coding.  You can either manually input the info or you can purchase a bar code scanner from the company for what seems to be a reasonable price to me, $19.95.

For homeschoolers, this is an awesome product, especially those using a literature rich program.  We have books downloaded onto computers, books on E-readers and of course we have tons of books lying around.  Having a central location for the lists of books, being able to organize their titles into various groupings(genre or usage) is incredibly helpful.  We use a very literature rich curriculum and will be using it well into the future, it is awesome to have a central location to keep track of the literally hundreds of books that my Highschoolers to preschoolers will be using in the coming years.

I really enjoyed this product and look forward to utilizing it to it's fullest in the coming months.  The details are as follows.

There is a free trial available here, it is a thirty day trial of the Pro edition of Collectorz.  The standard edition is $29.95 and the Pro edition is $49.95; the difference is of course the greater ability to individualize your collection and other detailed usage.

I would definitely recommend this software to bibliophiles everywhere, especially the Type A's out there like me.  We want to know what we have and where it is.  Head on over here to see what other Crew members thought about the product.

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{This product was provided free of charge to me as a member of the TOS Review crew, in exchange for my honest opinion.}

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Christine said...

Pretty cool. You sound like you are so organized!