Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shatto Milk Company-Part 2

More of the Shatto Milk Company.  Like I said, we got to sample many wonderful flavors of their milk.  The kids liked a flavor called Orange Dream, it tasted exactly like froot loops, exactly!  Pretty cool!
Mom is lactose intolerant, but decided she was going to taste everything anyway.  Bet she regretted that!  Here she is, sampling the bouquet of the milk, she declared it a good "hour".  Ha Ha!
They showed us how they milk the cows and then let each of the kids 'get milked'.  They put one of the suction cups on their thumb for demonstration. They offered it to me, but having breast fed 4 kids; I felt strongly that I've been milked enough.
Next, we got to meet Fuzzy the cow; who very patiently let everyone try their hand at milking.  Sissy wasn't sure about it, but finally she gave it a try.  Great Job, Sis!
Finally, we all bought some milk for the drive home.  Here everyone is enjoying their milk and lounging for the 1 1/2 hour drive.

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