Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shatto Milk Company-Part 1

We had an excellent opportunity to visit a local dairy farm.  Grandma was able to join us on this really fun day.  Shatto Milk Company is a family owned dairy farm, that provides milk, cheese, butter and ice cream to local grocery stores and whole food stores.
Their popularity has grown so much they are in the process of building a new Country Store and viewing area.  This milk truck was parked in the new area, it was really cool and had a fun cow mooing horn.  This was the area where we got to sample a lot of their flavored milks.  We sampled Chocolate (my fave), Root Beer, Banana, Orange Dream (Hunter and Dakota's fave) and Strawberry (Ry and Sissy's fave).  It was so good and I don't even particularly like milk.

This is Leroy Shatto, he and his wife own and operate the dairy.  It was so cool to see another family business.  Our political climate is so against small business and family owned business that it's really hard to succeed these days.  As a family, we have decided that wherever we can, we cultivate the small businesses in our area.
This is Pat, the Root Beer cow.  She seems to be the farms mascot, I think they said she was 16-17 years old.  No, she isn't getting milked anymore, they just bring her up to let the kids pet her.  She was humongous, I can't remember what kind they said she was, but it was a really big variety.

More to come.............

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Beverly said...

Pat is a Brown Swiss

Christi said...

Thanks Beverly, I couldn't remember what they said. I knew they said she was one of the biggest types of cow and believe me, she was huge!