Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creation or Evolution

We are really struggling with this in our homeschool right now. Jennifer over at Blogging about Boys covered this in such a wonderful way, it's about a broader worldview. I personally went through public school, was a hard-core evolutionist, wouldn't even hear the word creation without getting on my high horse. Now I would call myself a creationist, with reservations.

It seems to be about personal conviction, present the information and let my children decide with their own hearts. Dakota is a hard-core Creationist, seems closed to Evolution. Hunter is a skeptic, he really doesn't seem to buy either theory, but is open to learn. The key is certainly to give equal opportunity to both, study both, learn about both and decide from there. Go into the study with our eyes and minds wide-open.


Jennifer Fink said...

Thanks for linking my post! Isn't it fun to watch/help your children learn? :)


John said...

Christianity and Science

Christianity and Biology