Friday, May 8, 2009

Not getting it all done!

I feel like a failure lately, the only thing we're consistently getting done in our homeschool is math and a few independent readings. This year has seemed to be less than successful, I probably shouldn't have changed plans mid-stream, but I was so unhappy with the work they had been doing or not doing as the case may be. The boys had been doing Switched on Schoolhouse, an all computer program, I had the sudden realization in November that I wasn't involved at all. I also wasn't altogether convinced that they were learning anything, they seemed to be working at a frenetic pace just to say that they were done for the day. I have to admit that I haven't done a great job stepping into the hole that I left by discontinuing that curriculum.

I have alot of plans, ideas more like; but I have been very lax in implementing them. I have decided that we're going to push through May with what readings and math that we can and then just call it a school year. I had planned to push all the way through the summer and school year round, but other than a few readings I think I'm going to give them a couple months off. I'm going to spend those two months organizing my thoughts, finding the books, printing off the readings, writing out weekly plans and in general get ready for Fall. I also have a Kindergartner to plan for and a pre-K to organize for. I think Sissy will probably learn along with Ry so that will help, but this will be the first time for teaching reading. I'm scared, Algebra doesn't scare me as much as teaching Ry and Sissy to read.

This is such a rambling post that I'm certain that y'all stopped reading by this point, but if you could I wish someone could just pray for peace for me in how I'm raising my kids. I've been working on my consistency, patience and temper. I've been working on not expecting more from my kids around the house than is reasonable. I've been working on being a better wife and mother. I've been working, I've realized that all the work in the world won't get it done if I don't first go to God with my concerns and let Him work on me. I need to let Him guide my actions and my plans, if y'all could just pray that I allow Him to reign supreme in my life.

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