Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Geese Gang

We spent Sunday after church celebrating a third birthday with some friends of ours. My sister is helping a friend of hers raise his nephews, so we all joined together to celebrate. Star Wars was the theme and can I say the hit of the party was the birthday card that played Star Wars themed music. He was swaying and bopping along with a card, too funny. He got this great storm trooper helm that he immediately had to try out, totally hilarious. Koty was very obliging in dying anytime a light sabre was swung his way.

Yesterday we went to the zoo again, they have opened a new area, "The Tropics". It was pretty cool, they had this great wall mural that was a search and find of tropical animals. We found them all, Ry and Sissy especially enjoyed the search.

The Canada geese sort of take over the zoo sometimes, seeming to guard the trails. My kids call them the Geese Gang and make up stories about what they are saying when they're honking at us. Usually the stories involve us paying a bribe to cross the trail. It's kind of funny in a disturbed way.

The kids love this bridge that connects two parts of our zoo, it's a suspension bridge that sways if enough people are on it. It kind of makes you sick to your stomach, but they don't mind, they'll run across it at full speed.
Still putting together curriculum for next year. I have math, bible and science together. Still deciding the best way to work with language, grammar, reading and history. I personally learned the most by just reading,......a lot. I loved to read, I retained so much history that it still jumps to mind whenever I'm trying to make a point with the boys. The reason I know that it's from my personal reading and not my history classes, is that usually I'll get a storyline in mind too, from whatever historical novel that bit of history is from. Sad, but true, I learned the most from historical romance than from any history class I ever took. We're trying to implement a lot of the Ambleside curriculum, some of the Old Fashioned Education, really I'm just piece mealing it all together. I have to categorize all of it though because Hunter will be a high-schooler and we'll have to keep a transcript for him. Scary!!!!

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What a great fun day!