Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, it was an eventful weekend. I work everyday on the weekends, so my
husband is in charge of the house and the kids. Not babysitting, because I don't believe that you can babysit your own children. In Charge! So......where was he when my daughter was cutting of her long, beautiful hair......taking a nap. I came home Saturday night to this. Well not technically this, both sides cut shoulder length and the back still long, at least she didn't hack at her bangs. So Sunday everyone went in for haircuts, including Tan this time. Mom says it will probably help her hair be thicker and healthier, I bought into that theory after I stopped crying.

Then to finish off the weekend and start the week right, my Mom called to tell me that for the third time in as many months the restaurant that I run with my parents was broken into. The third time following shifts I work and close up shop, so responsible or not, I feel guilty. It stinks, to say the least.

Well, I'm continuing to plan for next school year. I've decided to start both Hunter and Dakota on Algebra in the fall. It's two "grade levels" above where Dakota should be, but that's one of the reasons I homeschool, so my kids don't have to be held back by someone else's standards. The kids are not compared to a bunch of other kids, and either found lacking or gifted, they are held to a standard that we set together and that they agreed to. Anywho, for what it's worth, Math is decided. Only about 100 other things to decide before fall and that's just for the big boys. Ry starts schooling in the fall, if you call Kindergarten school. I always remembered it as being fun and low key. Not anymore, kids are expected to know so much before they even start Kindergarten. Once again, glad I'm a homeschooler, I can gently transition Ry into reading and writing, and if I'm right Tan will learn right along with him. I'm pretty sure she'll be reading before she's potty trained. LOL.


Trinity Mommy said...

Too funny.. Im sure in the moment is wasnt "funny!" I remember when my middle child decided that she didnt want curly hair anymore and tried cutting the curls out... it was a mess!!!

Christi said...

It was a little funny afterwards, but when I saw it all that I could think was "Whaaaaa!!" I just wanted to cry.