Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feeding the Lorikeets

We went to the zoo today, I have to admit that we probably go to the zoo 20x-30x each year, so really this is nothing new for us. How can we go to the zoo and keep it fun that many times, well, let me tell you. The animals are rarely doing the same thing on any given day, if you love animals like my kids do, everything that they do is exciting. We catch different shows, different paths, go the opposite direction on loops, really; anything can change up our trip. Today, we caught the lorikeet feeding.
The kids were in heaven. Sissy wasn't convinced that it was a good plan for anything to land on her, so; big brother to the rescue. Hunter is such a cool and responsible young man, he'll make a great father someday, his patience sometimes seems limitless.

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