Saturday, April 25, 2009

St. Louis via Quincy, IL

The boys had their taekwondo tournament today. Both Hunter and Dakota rocked, but I have to admit I would probably say that no matter what. Hunter took 3rd in sparring and 4th in weapons. Dakota took 2nd in sparring and 3rd in weapons. Ry and Sissy both had a great time playing with the other competitors from our school that traveled from Kansas City. All of the older students in the school they attend learn to interact with the younger students, by assisting in their classes and helping them practice.

All of the kids really seem to enjoy interacting with one another. From the little 2-3yr olds up to the teenagers. A 21 yr old black belt teaches Sissy and Rys' class and has the patience of a saint. A 17 year old homeschooled black belt teaches Hunter and Dakota's class, she does such a great job and they learn so much. Mr. Davidson, the owner of the school, really makes that his goal; becoming a black belt at his school means that you pass on what you're learning to the students below you.

We left the tournament this afternoon and headed south to St. Louie. We're going to spend all day tomorrow at the Arch and the Science City. I'll report back with more photos.

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