Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

We had so much fun in St. Louis. It was all of the kids first time to the top of the arch, mine and Chris's first time since we were children. I never realized how much is going on at the base of the arch; museums, movies, gift shops. We spent so much time there we didn't end up making it to Science City, oh well. The arch was awesome, the swaying at the top was a little disconcerting, but didn't detract from the experience for any of us. We all learned so much at the museum and during the Lewis and Clark movie that we attended. One of the main things that I learned was the name of the park, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. I honestly never knew it had some official name, silly of me I guess.

After leaving the museum and Arch, we decided to walk around Laclede's Landing and find some lunch before we started the drive home. We found this cool statue of Lewis and Clark that is either sinking or the river is above flood level, not sure which. The boys loved the dog in the movie and thought it was cool that the dog was depicted in the statue.

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