Monday, April 6, 2009

Fighting the never ending cold!

I'm posting a couple of photos I took last summer at the zoo to remind me that winter never lasts forever. I am truly a winter person, I love snow. But I have veen endlessly sick this winter, a cold that just won't stop. Every time I think I'm better, the outdoor temperature shifts again and downhill I go. Last weekend we had our best snow of the year, in Spring, this weekend we had sleet and freezing rain. We have had windchills in the teens all day and flurries, I have to admit that I have had enough. I'm worn out and exhausted from coughing, sniffling and constant body aches. Enough of the pity party. Sorry.

I bought the boys a bunch of new art supplies to try, I'll post pictures when we get some results. I bought chalk pastels, oil pastels, and watercolor pencils. I'm hoping we'll get some good results and that will try harder with better tools. We'll see.

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