Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter arrived!

Fortunately or unfortunately, they were right; winter arrived.  By last evening the winds had shifted and the snow started falling.  We went from near 50 to around 14 with a 30 mile per hour wind, making the feel like around 0 degrees.  When you have a puppy the walks aren't optional, he expects his walk no matter what!!  We walked and literally froze our butts off, but he loved every second.

The wind was so crazy that the lake couldn't freeze, but these really neat ice pops formed on the weeds around the edge of the lake.  I had left my camera in the car and decided that I needed a picture and walked all of the way back to get it, glad I did; these pics are fun and probably not something I'll see again.


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Kristal said...

Love the ice pops!

Our dog is sure she does not like the cold. When we take her out she RUNS to her spot to potty and RUNS back to the house. It is crazy funny.