Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heat wave!

After several days of excessive heat warnings, the temps finally broke a bit and allowed us to get outside.  We headed over to wander the trails at the nature center, still a lil' hot for the zoo.

 Sissy sighted this caterpillar and then nearby we found a whole bunch more, they look kind of like scrub brushes.  Sis really liked the orange strip down his back!

Everywhere we looked we saw Dragonflies, they were flitting all around the streams and trails.  I don't have a macro lens or really any lens, my camera is pretty much a super glorified point and shoot.  I am really working on the manual settings though, it's definitely a learning process.

 The kids love playing in the stream and were daring each other to walk over this log without falling in.
Some made it!
 Others didn't!
But fun was definitely had by all!