Friday, July 15, 2011

Fishin' trip photos

 While the fisherman were photogenic, the nature was very fun to.  The swallows had made their nests in the docks eaves.  All of them had babies in them, but I was only able to see the babies in one, I was really lucky to capture this photo.
 The bullfrogs were very loud and I was able to catch this photo before he dove in.  This log he was sitting on was dipping back and forth, he looked like he was riding a carnival ride.

 I'm not sure if these are Damsel flies or Dragon flies or even if there is a difference, but they were beautiful and were willing to sit still and let me take their photos.

 Finally, there was this huge field of sunflowers, GORGEOUS!!!  I love how this photo turned out, the depth of field just really worked out well.

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Kristal said...

Great shots! Love the sunflowers and bullfrog!