Thursday, March 3, 2011

Praying for Noah-Giving Opportunity

For quite a while I have felt pulled to agree with others in prayer for several small people, whose lives are complicated by disease.  I feel incredibly lucky, for right now, all four of my kids are healthy.  Anything can change, anything.  I can't imagine, don't really even want to imagine, what it would be like to have a terminally ill child, but if I could I would help all of them.  I can't.  My only gift is prayer and this post.

One of the children that I pray for is in need. Rather, his family is in need, to make his life more joyful and easier.  Recently, Noah was able to get an awesome new wheelchair, the problem is that it doesn't fit in the families current vehicle.  They are holding a fundraiser called "Wheels for Noah", to help them buy a small bus with a wheelchair lift.  The bus would allow them to travel with Noah, without having to dismantle the wheelchair or even move him out of it.  Awesome, right!

So, I know you're asking, how can I help?  Well, there are a bunch of ways that we can help this awesome homeschooling family.  First and foremost, visit the site and see if there are any items in the silent auction that you might want to bid on, auction ends March 5th.  Second, you can just outright donate some funds, if that is how the Lord is leading.  Third, they are having a local event, so if you're near Greenville, SC; consider attending.  Finally,  there are a couple of great book deals, all proceeds will go to help Noah get his new wheels.

The book deals are absolutely worth a look.  Yesterday's Classics is offering an unbelievable deal on 225 Classic books in Kindle edition or epub format.  If you use curriculum from Ambleside online, Heart of Dakota, Living Books curriculum or Tapestry of Grace; this deal is definitely for you.  It is an incredible amount of material for a very good price.  This deal is available till March 10th, with all proceeds going to help Noah.

The other book deal comes from Koumi books, it is a complete bundle of Discovering the Continents; geography unit studies.  It also includes notebooking pages and a passport.  This deal is good the entire month of March, so be sure to let your homeschooling friends know about this opportunity.  All proceeds will go to benefit Noah's new wheels.

Well, I think I hit all the highlights, if y'all could take a moment to take a look I think you would be really blessed to read about such an awesome family.  I have really been inspired by Kate's strength and wisdom in the face of such trials, you will be inspired by this family.


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