Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where did the week go??

Things kind of fell apart for me over the last few days.  I have been struggling for a while with the consequences of my hysterectomy, not that I would change anything.  I wouldn't go back and change a thing, I just didn't realize the possibility of being thrown into menopause and having to deal with all that that entails.  Oh well, I'm not the first woman to go through it and I'll definitely not be the last, I just pray that my family can survive it.

I have been taking pics, just not posting them.  I've been schooling the kids, just taking no joy in it.  I've been working, but my attitude stinks.  I've been doing things with my husband, wishing he would just let me go back to bed and sleep some more.  Hunter has had some more snow days, I told him if they cancel again I'll just be dropping him off anyway; he disrupts our day.  So obviously, I've been a pleasure to be around!!!

 Everyone is hoping that this will help; they might be planning my demise as I type.

On the way to work, where I go to hide.

We have a couple of reviews we are working on, one is an art program that the kids are really enjoying.  Look for a review of Artistic Pursuits, coming soon.  The other is an interesting program called Reading Kingdom which Ry is liking and Sissy is loving, that review will also be coming soon.  Koty is working on a couple of reviews too, I'm going to have him help write them, I think it will be a great opportunity for him to work on his writing skills.
Koty's take on Impressionistic art.


Sissy's take on Impressionism.  We are unable to share Rylan's as he decided to add a gun and blood to his, making it inappropriate and unacceptable, he is such a BOY!

I am also worried about something else,  the SUN disappeared, it is seriously MIA! (If you know where it is, please let me know.)  We haven't seen it in at least 5 days, it has been icy, snowy, cloudy, rainy, foggy and just plain depressing around here.  I am officially ready for spring.

The fog has been so thick the last couple of days that I've been struggling with my photographs.  I love the depth that it adds, but I'm not sure if I captured what I was going for.

I found the reflection of the limbs in the water interesting and eyecatching, once again the fog was impeding or maybe it was enhancing; I'm just not sure.

One of the highlights of our week was Hunter's Taekwondo tournament.  He did great and was an awesome competitor.  It is so interesting to watch these tournaments, the judges can be really awesome or they can really suck.  I wasn't sure about Hunter's until after he competed, this judge pulled one of the other competitors aside.  The kid hadn't done very well and had gotten some really poor scores,  the judge was taking the time to build this kid back up and encourage him in his efforts.  It was awesome to witness, a judge can really make or break the experience for these kids; so I loved that he made the effort.  He was very stern, but also very caring.


Well, I think I hit all of the highlights of what amounted to a very stressful week.  Honestly, it was only stressful in my eyes, it was pretty uneventful in everyone elses.  I'm working on that, I really am!  I plan on getting back to my daily Project 365 posts, sorry about the mega post.

2011 Mommytography 365 Project


Tristan said...

I got a chuckle reading this, sorry that crashing into menopause stinks! Hopefully the vitamins will help. Loved seeing all the pictures.

Anita said...

Sorry to hear about the issues with MP. I am sure the grey, dreary days don't help much either. Hope things get better with spring coming. Love the kids impressionistic art!

Tracy said...

No worries! Hope you feel better QUICK!

We LOVE Artistic Pursuits. It's a fabulous program. Great art work, I see.

Love the watercolor and windmill shots!

Marie said...

I feel like I can relate to what you're saying (I wish I could blame it on MP). I've been in such a bad mood for about the last 10 days. Even my daughter (she's only 3) has been super ill!
Hoping things ease up for you now that you have the vitamins. I'm looking into some vitamin supplements as well.

Kristal said...

Love Artistic Pursuits!

Great week of shots, hope the supplements help!

Mike said...

Your sons behavior of drawing guns and blood is COMPLETELY normal! lol
Trust me. Great pics of the fog. I hope you get to see the sun soon!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Sorry it's been such a crummy week, but you sure got some great shots! I love your foggy pictures - they turned out very well. Hope things start moving in a better direction for you.