Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011!

Well, it's all over except the wind and the cold.  We received upwards of 14" of snow here just outside of KC.  I received an answer to prayer and my husband was able to miss work tonight.  We live about a 45 min drive from his employer, that would have been a treacherous and long drive to make at night, they told him to stay home and stay safe.  I absolutely love his employers!!!!

Hunter was home from school today and will probably miss most of the week, they might be able to return on Friday.  He's probably the only kid who is really irritated by missing school, he had to fight to go; so he really wants to be there.  Oh well, come summer when he's still having to catch that bus, I bet he'll be irritated again.

I'm gonna post some pics from the last couple of days, we stayed home and stayed safe.  I really hope everyone else did as well.
Ry trying to figure out how to shuffle cards the way mom does, he's so jealous! LOL.

Sissy trying to block her nose from brothers after Taekwondo, she said they were really stinky!

Out our back window, at 5 A.M. most of the original snow had melted and this was all grass, this is 3 PM or so and it's just really hitting it stride at this point.
It's hard to see but the drift in front of the car is about 2ft high.  It was such an amazing sight to watch this storm, especially since I knew my whole family were safely home and out of harm's way.  I spoke to my mom and brother, mom spoke to my sister, everyone was watching out their windows. 

We used this grill just the other day, so I know it was clear of snow at the beginning of this storm.  How crazy is that, I think this might be the only place I can measure our snow, everywhere else was unprotected and affected by the wind.

This one is taken looking at my back door.  There is about a 10" step up into the house, so this drift was about 2 feet high on the back porch.  Our front door is just as bad, we'll have to shovel our way out tomorrow.
Well thanks for stopping by, I hope that you and yours stayed safe and if you weren't in the path of this storm, aren't you jealous?
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Mike said...

Wow! In New York, we're supposed to get it tonight! Not looking forward to it... :P

Tracy said...

UGH on the blizzard...something my nightmares are made of. LOL

LOL on sissy.

Kara said...

yep, you're right.. too cold to play probably tomorrow! we have to be on the road for an hour.. we'll see how that one turns out! :) cool pictures!!