Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mom starts something new.....

No, the something new isn't cinnamon rolls. The something new is because of the cinnamon rolls. I finally got off the bleachers and joined my children in Taekwondo and by the way, in case you weren't sure; white is not SLIMMING! NOT AT ALL!!! Especially white that has alot of new stiffness and seems to stand away from your body, I really am not that big. At least, I don't think I am. "I hope I'm not," she cries plaintively.
My mom made these silhouettes of my kids, they are probably one of my favorite Christmas presents of all time.  Dad said she worked for hours on them.  They'll probably hang in my home forever, that's how special they are to me.
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Tracy said...

Yum on the cinnamon rolls, I am making some tomorrow...LOL on the white!

Kathy C. said...

The rolls look delicious!!! I think the sillouette gifts are so precious, what a keepsake!

Anonymous said...

Those silhouettes are wonderful gifts!

Mrs. Mandy said...

How did your mom make the silhouettes? I have always liked those.

Christi said...

@Mrs. Mandy,
Mom took pics of the kids profile on a plain background. She then copied them, blowing them up so that she could cut around their head shots and mounted them on white paper. I love them! Thanks for asking about them.