Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude Challenge: Day 4

Today is day 4 of the Gratitude challenge issued by Brenda over at Garden of Learning.  I have chosen something that might be trivial to others, but has made a deep and abiding change in my children; Taekwondo.

All four of our children are involved with Taekwondo, but the biggest difference can be seen in our older sons.  They are both now 1st degree Taekwondo Black Belts, working toward their second degree.  The level of commitment required to reach that level is beyond comprehension, both for the boys and their parents.  I spend a minimum of 8 hrs a week sitting on bleachers, watching 4 kids work through their lessons. 
I will admit, that I don't always feel like going, but the boys will make it clear that they really don't want to miss even one class, if they don't have to.  How can you not honor devotion like that???  So off to Taekwondo we go.
Now, on to the differences I see in my children.  They are more disciplined, focused and hard-working.  Not perfect, but better.
They are more outgoing, friendly and confident. 
They have really come out of their shell and make friends much easier.
They are getting a lot more exercise and are increasing their physical fitness!
While they are learning the art of competition, they are also learning patience as they sit during tournaments and while siblings are in class.
They are encouraged to work with the younger kids, pass on the knowledge that was passed on to them.
They are encouraged to compete at tournaments, to sharpen their skills and learn how to be graceful in victory and defeat.
Head on over here to see what others are grateful for today.

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hip-chick said...

I think it is a good thing when kids (or adults) find something that drives them as this has done for your children. Maybe you should get off the bench and try it yourself???

Vickie said...

What devotion and dedication from not just them but you too.

I've heard that things like Taekwondo, Karate, and most any of those martial arts have this affect on kids.

Debbie said...

If we had boys, martial arts is something we’d definitely want them to know.

Thank you for the way you set up your comments - I made a mistake posting mine here,and was able to delete it and correct it.

SisterTipster said...

Love that your boys are having such fun!! whohoo! hugs!

Prairiemaid said...

Great post! I think Taekwondo does help with self-esteem.

Your crew certainly looks happy!


Our Village is a Little Different said...

My boys are in MMA classes, and I am so happy for what it's giving them. I'm very impressed by your children. A lot of work went into those belts. The pictures are great, but the of them with their white belts really made me smile.

Kelly said...

Martial arts (all of them) are great at teaching discipline. I've learned a lot from those who are so dedicated. My husband is looking forward to the day when he can begin teaching (martial arts) our children. He has started before, but they were a little young.