Saturday, June 12, 2010

Black Belt Attitude!

They did it!!!!!

My oldest two became Taekwondo Black Belts today. They survived BlackBelt Boot Camp, running 2-3 miles, sparring and grappling for 2+ hours. They worked so hard, we couldn't be prouder. My parents were able to get away from work and come watch the ceremony. So we were able to get a rare photo with all four kids and both grandparents. Another rarity, me in a photo. My mom wielded the camera to capture this rare picture of all 6 of us. It wasn't just the boys promoting, Ry and Sissy promoted too.
Ry received his Hi Blue belt and Sissy received her Hi Green belt. The kids all worked so hard at their promotions, they deserved their new ranks. We celebrated by seeing a couple of movies this weekend. We saw Karate Kid and Shrek, then went out to dinner. You really can't be a Black belt without seeing the Karate Kid, have to say I liked the old one a little bit better. Don't know if I care for all of the remakes, they make me feel old!
Finally, Ry's class has been really working on his splits, he wants so badly to get his Splits patch and he is really close. He wanted me to take his picture with his teacher. That's his teacher behind him, she'll be leaving soon for college and announced that this will be her last week. Ry was really upset and cried for awhile, she'll still be around though so he'll get to see her. She's a homeschool graduate, I thought that was pretty cool. Gives this Homeschool Mom hope!

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Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Hi Christi!

I can't believe how much we have in common!
I'm a homeschooler (obviously since I'm coming from TOS.. LOL!), I've been married to my high school sweetie for 16 years and we have 4 children - 3 boys and 1 girl!
It's really nice to meet you! Congratulations to all of your boys for their hard work. :)

SisterTipster said...

Hey Cristi
Thanks for your kind comments. Just love your pictures of your children! I'm following you~see you on the Crew, blessings,c

Laura O said...

Great shots of your hard-working crew. My boys are on a summer break from karate ('cause I wanted a break from driving them to class for a while.) I'm hoping they'll make serious progress after we start back up next months.

Welcome on board the TOS Crew.

FM Laura

Dawn said...

Hi there! I just popped in from the Blog Walk. Our youngest is in taekwondo so I had to search your blog to find out about your family! Congrats to your two oldest on their black belts! What an accomplishment!

PS Welcome to the Crew! I am also a first-year member!