Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A slightly barbaric, but very tasty meal!

Last night my brother hosted his annual pig roast, I have to admit it's a little disconcerting to see my meal presented quite so obviously. I kind of prefer my meat to be packaged neatly with Styrofoam and plastic. Despite that, it was wonderful and we all enjoyed the food and the company.The pig roast was also a chance to celebrate a friends' birthday. My sister's boyfriend has always been crazy for bacon, every Sunday at brunch if T worked we all were very careful to never leave him alone with the bacon. My mom made him a bacon cake for his birthday, it fooled me. I had to do a double take, thankfully it's only rolled sugar.
The kids all sat out by the fire and searched the yard for sticks to get the fire bigger, they wore themselves out. A lot of goofing off was done by everyone, especially Uncle Eric.
This is my Sister with the youngest of the boys she is helping to raise. Saevon is an absolute cutie, he absolutely loves our Dad and they spent the evening joking around with one another.
And finally, the carnage is complete. We picked that poor pig apart.

Sorry, if anyone was offended by the barbarity of the pictures. Unfortunately, it is a pretty good representation of our family. We don't hunt or kill our own meat, but there is very little that we won't eat and nothing puts us off our feed. We take food very seriously in this family, probably why we own three restaurants.

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Jennifer said...

My dad used to do pig roasts when I was younger. The finished product isn't so bad, but the rawer version is a little to "real" for me. Looks like ya'll had fun!