Saturday, August 1, 2009

Photohunt-Theme Entertainment

Entertainment for some reason was very difficult for me to wrap my mind around. I chose our families version of entertainment. The picture above was a couple of winters ago when I got home from work one night to a ton of snow. We of course had to go play in it, it didn't really matter that it was midnight. We don't really get snow like this very often in KC, our snows are usually accompanied by freezing rain or something equally unpleasant.
These two were taken at our zoo. There is a stage that used to be used for animal shows and such but lately it just stands unused. The kids have decided that a stage needs a show, so everytime we walk by they'll get on the stage and perform impromptu acts. I love the one of Hunter and Tanyn, he'll be 15 this year and she'll be 4, quite the spread.
Our very entertaining vacation, a raft trip through Bennett Springs State Park. We learned our lesson with this trip, our most recent trip we got 4 paddles instead of just two, the little people drove us nuts asking to paddle.

Last, but not least, this is what counts for entertainment in Southern Missouri, jumping around on stumps. It at least kept them busy for awhile.


Race said...

lots of entertainment for you and your family, your children are a handful, they're so cute!

Michelle Johnson said...

Great photos and lots of entertainment going on here. Love how the children adopted those stumps. Have a great day.

Hootin' Anni said...

Great photo share for the theme this week. I do like the very last photo best...looks like a lot of fun entertainment for the day.

Mine's posted also, hope you can stop by for a visit when you find some time in your busy day! Happy Saturday.