Friday, May 29, 2009

Swimming at Last!

We went to the zoo earlier this week and saw something new. I'm telling you my kids and I could go to the zoo everyday and see something new every time. Two rhinos were out and they were not happy to be sharing the space, usually there is only one on display. The kangas in Australia have free rein, I don't know how they keep them contained, but they are allowed to wander. This kanga was down right next to the trail, a little scary but cool. Interesting frog we saw off the bridge, we're trying to figure out what kind it is.

Our entire Memorial Day weekend was rainy and chilly. Yesterday wasn't too bad, cloudy though. But today we finally got sunshine and the forecast is for a beautiful weekend. The kids decided that today was the day for them to break in the pool. It took Sissy and I about 2 seconds to inspect and then we were out. Brrrrrr!!!! The boys loved it and played for quite awhile. Sissy decided to swim about the time that it was time to leave. Contrary, as always. We're having our family Memorial day pool party this weekend. Better late than never, I guess.

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Christine said...

Love the animal pics! I'm finally swimming---- I just have to get over the initial shock of the cold.