Friday, April 3, 2009

Dental Woes!

Going to the dentist just wears me out. I wish we were one of those poster families, where everyone has a sparkling smile, beautiful white teeth, A++ dental report card. We aren't!!! The boys all had a good report, basically, no cavities. But....beginnings of gum disease are obvious on Hunter and Dakota. I just don't know how to inspire these guys to take better care, to put forth the effort. They were both overjoyed that they didn't have any cavities, and both claimed luck as the reason; not meticulous tooth care. Sad!

Rylan had a great report, which is a relief because last time he had 6 cavities and mulitple visits to repair.

Tanyn is our sad story this time, 4 cavities and 3 visits scheduled to fix. Ughhh! She is so uncooperative when we brush, I really can't imagine how she'll do on consecutive dental appts. Hopefully, a different set of hands in her mouth will calm her down. She usually behaves better for other people than she does me. Anywho, frustrating day.

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Trinity Mommy said...

You are not alone! I cant stand going to the dentist and pray each time for a good report!